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Where am I?

Whose head are you in?

While people are living their lives, they are always criticized by different people. These criticisms are either positive or negative. People usually imprison bad criticism in their minds. For example, you want to wear a red dress and you will go out but you don’t wear a red dress because you think about other people’s thoughts. Why is their opinion so important? Because we live to be liked. So, you’re in their head to be liked.

What is the point of our own thoughts if we act according to the opinions of others?”

-Oscar WILDE

As Oscar Wilde said in this sentence, you are the ones who make sense of your own thoughts. You are the role model of your life, so your decisions affect your life. What happens if you don’t live with your own thoughts? People become strangers to themselves. They forget their personality, so they only take place in the personality of the person who they are affected negatively. That’s why copied personalities happen. Copied personalities form a society. This society creates social pressure. People in this society live their lives in fear because they choose only one way of life. They have only one truth. Since they can’t live their lives the way they want, they want everyone not to have their lives as well.

“If your thought remains just a thought, you are dead.”

People think about most things in their life but are afraid to turn these thoughts into action. When these physical actions aren’t performed, human psychology begins to deteriorate. People’s brains begin to slow down, and their body begins to slow down, too. Finally, depression begins. People hate everything. If people want to be happy, they should do what they want when they want to. Your thoughts and your life. Isn’t it time to get out of other people’s heads?

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