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My civilization’s name is Nehuriy. We live peacefully and happily. We do not have a problem, but one day there is a problem in the Space Corridor, which is the most important building in the Nehuriy, it has science classes, and it provides electricity for cities. Settings of space connection are broken in the Space Corridor. Lots of aliens began to come to our civilization. They are dangerous. They damage the Space Corridor and buildings, and they destroy our cities. Also, they destroy the security shield around our civilization. It protects us from other creatures which are different races, and they live in other universes. Citizens are afraid of aliens. Also, apart from aliens, other creatures began to come to Nehuriy. Everyone, such as citizens and leaders, helps each other. They plan to save our civilization. They think about why the settings of Space Corridor are broken.

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Furthermore, they find the reason. Guard of Space Corridor makes a deal with the aliens to become one of the important people when they have our civilization. The guard breaks the settings of the machines and gives them a sword which is Space Corridor’s key, so they come to Nehuriy easily. Citizens, the leader, and our civilization’s soldiers fight against enemies. After this hard battle, they win. Enemies, especially the guard, run away. Nothing happened like this in the history of my civilization. The security shield is rebuilt stronger. A new person who is more reliable gets a job as a guard. A new invention is discovered. Its name is Sworkey. It is the short form of ‘Sword Key’. It is different from the other one. Not only that, but it’s a new invention. It is the Space Corridor’s key, it ensures Space Corridor’s security, and it controls Space Corridor’s settings. A new alien-fighting team is created. Everything is under control. Nobody is worried and afraid. Everyone is happy and safe again in the Nehuriy.

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