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I need to… No, I have to do it!

Hello everyone! I will talk about my bucket list today. First of all, what is a Bucket List? The Bucket List is a list that includes the things that you want to do before you die. Well, where does the bucket list’s name come from? It was named after the idiom “Kick the Bucket”. This English idiom is a euphemistic and slang term meaning “to die”. Also, there is a movie which is called The Bucket List. I strongly recommend you watch it. Here we go, this is my bucket list!

1) Seeing the Northern Lights 

It is one of the most famous bucket list items and it is in my bucket list as well. The Northern Lights have a breathtaking view. You can see the Northern Lights from a few countries, but my favorite is Norway. I think Tromso is the best place to have this unique experience.

2) Writing a story

I would like to write a story about life. It might inspire people and make the people who read it feel good when they have to cope with some problems. It will contain something from my life and relationships.

3) Going glamping

It is a type of camping which is made in a luxurious way. It is more comfortable than traditional camping. If you want to try an interesting accommodation like this, you can give a chance to glamping. There are lots of beautiful places for glamping in Türkiye.

4) Planting a tree

I want to plant at least one tree and observe its growth during my life. Trees provide us with oxygen and it is important for living. I believe that all people have to do it and protect trees for our future.

5) Seeing my favorite musician

I want to see my favorite musician, Evgeny Grinko. He is a talented Russian pianist. His music is relaxing and entrancing for me.

6) Flying in a hot air balloon

I would like to fly in a hot air balloon, it is an interesting experience. There is a wonderful place to do it in Türkiye, Cappadocia. These days, it is an expensive thing but maybe in the future, I can do it. Who knows?

7) Adopting a pet

I would like to have a dog after a few years. I believe animals are the best friends for us. In addition, they help us to be a more responsible person. They are lovely 🙂

8) Seeing all 7 continents

I love traveling and I have a goal of seeing the seven continents. There are lots of amazing places to visit in the world. I want to see most of them and learn something new for me.

9) Learning a type of dance

I would like to learn a type of dance. I might not be a professional dancer but dancing makes me feel happy. Everyone should try dancing.

10) Founding a psychiatric clinic for children

It is my biggest dream that I want to succeed before death. I love helping people, and I want to help children save their psychological health when I become a doctor. They are our future.

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