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Being A Game Character: The Song of The Ancient Sword

Everybody loves playing computer games. Do you like playing computer games too?
Have you ever imagined being a character in a game? Let’s join in my story!

The Characters

This is Serafim. He is 24. He has got long white hair and grey eyes. Also, he is a bard. He can make his own instruments.

He has got some magical power, but he hasn’t discovered his powers yet.

He was born in Twin Rivers that is a small town in the South of the mainland.

He plays the guitar and violin at his lords’ special events and family’s tavern. As a result of this, a lot of people know him.

This is Viorel. He is the wizard of death. He killed Revna. Also, he occupied the island of Winged Haze. He has a castle there.

One day, Serafim woke up early. There was noise in the town. He went out of his house. He saw that enemy soldiers were everywhere. There are a lot of dead people in the town square. He looked for his family. He found them in their tavern, but they had already died. Then, an enemy soldier saw him. Serafim started to escape from the soldier. He ran to the forest and left the town where he lived and grew up. In this way, his journey began.

After he ran from the town, he hid in a cave for a while. When he started a fire to cook a meal, a soldier realized the smoke. The soldier was from a military unit. It wasn’t a big group because they were an exploration unit. The soldier went to look for smoke.

The soldier who saw Serafim while he ran from the town noticed and caught him. The soldier and Serafim started to fight.

  As they were fighting, they hit the wall of the cave. Pieces of stone fell, and a sword appeared under the small rocks. Serafim took the sword and defended himself. He injured the soldier, and he ran again.  

  The soldier shouted, ” I am Gabriel. Don’t forget this name. You can’t escape from me next time. “

He realized something. He heard a voice in his mind because the sword was speaking to him. The sword said, ” Hi, Serafim. I am Revna.” Serafim started to speak with him. Serafim said, “Why are you in the sword? Who did this?” Revna said, ” The Wizard named Viorel did it.”

This sword is going to be his guide. He felt empathy with the ancient warrior’s soul because he started to see his memories. As a result of this, he wanted to resurrect him. This is his quest. Also, he thought “If I resurrect him, I may resurrect my family too.”

The Ancient Sword

The horses, scared of the war, are still in the forest. Serafim took a horse and started to travel. A few hours later, the horse was tired. Serafim had a break. He felt depressed because he left his instruments in the town. When the horse was resting, he took a branch and started to craft a stringed instrument. Then, he continued travelling. He watched Revna’s memories to find the way. Serafim arrived at Revna’s secret shelter. There was an old ship. He could go to the island of Winged Haze with this ship, but he needed a captain and a crew.

Revna’s Secret Shelter

Goddes Figure

 Serafim sat, started a fire and thought about what had happened. He thought, “I escaped from everything like a coward.” A desire for revenge was born in his heart. Revna noticed it because he could hear Serafim’s mind too. Revna said, “Vengeance is a powerful poison. If you drink it, you cannot escape it. Don’t forget!” After that, Revna started to show his own memories to Serafim. Viorel and Revna look like close friends in memory. Viorel seemed confused after he took a brooch, he was killing Revna in another memory. Revna said that Viorel had been my student. Serafim asked,” Did he betray you?” Revna said, “Yes, he did. I used to feel furious in the past, but now, I am regretful. Viorel was searching for a magical brooch, but there was a demon in the brooch. The demon captured his body and killed me. I didn’t look after him very well. I have to save him.” Serafim decided to go to the city centre to find a captain and crew.

Serafim was asking everyone for a captain and crew in the city bazaar. Gabriel saw him. Gabriel had left the army to start a new life. Serafim realized Gabriel.  They thought about fighting with each other, but they didn’t do it. They noticed that they weren’t enemies no more. Gabriel said, “I heard. You are searching for a captain and crew. I attend a crew to go to new continents. You can talk to my captain. Her name is Estelle. She is in the port.”

Serafim said to Estelle,” If you go to the island, you can take all pillages.” She accepted Serafim’s offer. They took Revna’s ship and set off. Estelle and her crew thought that Serafim could be completely insane because they couldn’t hear Revna’s voice. They thought that he was speaking with a sword.


  Serafim was watching the sea on deck. Despair covered his heart. Also, he could feel Revna’s regret. He realized that he hadn’t sung in a long time. He took his instrument and started to play it slowly. Then, he began to sing without hurry.

A dead man
was betrayed
Covered under snow
His helmet
Was driven away
With wild wind
The sword
In his hand
One side of the sword
Look at death and
The day that he died
The other side of the sword
Watch dawn light and
He had sung
Before he died
He had talked with
An insane bard
In his song
It was an old song
The song of the ancient sword

  When Serafim was singing, the sword began to glitter. A body appeared in the light. He was Revna. Estelle and the crew were looking surprised.

They arrived at Winged Haze. When the crew was mooring the ship, Serafim and Revna started to walk to Viorel’s castle. Gabriel joined them.They met Viorel in front of the castle. Revna shouted, ” Take the brooch from him.” They began to fight with Viorel. They couldn’t overcome Viorel because he was extremely forceful. Gabriel shot an arrow and broke the brooch. When the brooch broke, Viorel fainted and the demon in the brooch was released.

Viorel’s Castle


They had to fight with the demon, but Serafim didn’t know how to fight because he was just a bard. Serafim was terrified. Revna was fighting with the demon, but he had been tired too. Viorel woke up and opened a dimension door. He sent the demon to another dimension. He was feeling miserable. He said to Revna ” I am sorry. I should have listened to you.” They hugged each other.


After the demon went, the dark clouds on the island dispersed. The island started to look like an ordinary place. Revna, Serafim, Gabriel, and Viorel were watching the sunset. Serafim, Gabriel, and Viorel seemed to get lost in their thoughts, but Revna had an idea. He said, ” I want to educate new warriors and wizards. Let’s join me. We can turn this castle into an academy.” They liked this idea and stayed on the island to educate new warriors and wizards.


When Serafim was watching the sunset, he realized that he could hear his father, mother, and sister’s voice. He could hear all dead souls. His words and melodies were coming from the dead soul’s songs.

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