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Humanity’s Greatest Saviour: Recycling

Hi Juventude,

In this post, I will tell you about recycling and my last project. I hope you like it 🙂

Before you start reading, I want to listen to a song called “ReCycling”. This song was created with an instrument called “hang” that has been invented in recent years.

1-What Is Recycling

Waste is dangerous to the nature. For example, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic…

The problem of waste disposal can only be solved by recycling. Recycling is the transformation of waste into another product. The purpose of recycling is to reduce the amount of waste.

2-The Importance Of Recycling

  • It prevents the reduction of natural resources.
  • It provides energy savings.
  • It contributes to the economy.
  • It provides a clean environment for future.
  • It gives job opportunities for people.
  • If you recycle the paper, less trees will be cut down.

3-Disadvantages Of Recycling

  • Recycling is very expensive.
  • Recycling of plastic products might not be healthy.
  • Metals decrease in value when recycling.

4-My Last Project

I worked so hard for this project. My project is night light. The materials is glass jar, string, acrylic paints (I mixed pink and purple paint.), brush, scissors, lamp, flower and hot silicone glue…  Firstly, I painted the jar. This job is hard because if you can’t paint properly, the light might not be visible. Next, I glued the flower to the jar. Then, I tied the jar with a rope. It’s ready. You have a sweet light:) . Thanks to this project, I’ve realised that recycling is very fun and useful. I made a wonderful light and I will give it to my best friend as a gift. I hope she likes it.

I hope you like my blog . Thank you for reading it. I love you . See you later:)

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