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The Game That I Have Always Wanted To Be True

I am very familiar with video games on every platform like phones, computers etc. For all the years of experiencing lots of video games, I have always wanted to create a game. This game should be more exciting for me, it shouldn’t be a game that gives me a short time of fun.

My dream video game should give me a lasting fun and must be having a story that pulls me inside the game’s universe. This universe should include mythological and historical elements like dragons, magicians, Pegasus, Zeus etc. But I also need to be careful about mixing these elements. Because some of these elements don’t have any similarity with their value, story and myth. Let’s take Zeus, he is a mythological god, but he can’t be the main character as he has a limitless power, being immortal, the game can be very boring.

My game’s universe must have some specific places, like important historical places. It takes the attention of the player. And it can give some historical information when the player visits these locations. I don’t like technological elements in video games. So, my video game must have blades, swords, daggers and arrows. I’ve always dreamt about a game, including old times. In my childhood, I always loved watching Battal Gazi movies. So, Battal Gazi must be in my video game as the boss because fighting with my childhood hero can be exciting for me and many fans of him.

I want to give the players the freedom that they can make their own choices which will affect the gameplay. Every different choice of ours has different results to make us feel the accessibility of the game’s world and may create different possibilities to end of the game. My video game may not be for everybody to have fun, but it is more personal and special to me and the players who enjoy the same elements as me.


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