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The Frozen Hair Festival

The Frozen Hair Festival in Canada is one of the most strange and most famous festivals in the world. This festival started for the first time in February 2011 in a Canadian city called Yukon. Because of the strangeness of this festival, people around the world came to it just to see it and even participated in it. This festival has become one of the things that this city is famous for most, and this festival begins with the entry of the contestants in order to bathe in hot pools, and when they leave these pools, they get very cold air, which causes their hair to freeze within a few seconds because the temperature of the hot pools is around 35 degrees. Celsius and the weather outside is less than 5 degrees Celsius.

And because of this festival, this Canadian region (Yukon) became an attraction for tourists, although it is not a tourist area, as only Canadian people used to come to this region, because of the hot pools, but thanks to this festival, visitors from all over the world came to it continuously and increasing every year. On the other hand, they can experience this festival, even once in their lives, and this festival is not only for fun, but also to make money. So if you can create a strange and attention-grabbing hairstyle, at the end of the festival, they will evaluate the best strange hairstyles and win cash prizes that may exceed $750.

In fact, this festival is not only for fun, entertainment, and money-making, but it is also very beneficial for the human body. Through this activity, the human body can rejuvenate the blood circulation process and also relax the nerves, which helps them relax and preserve them from sclerosis, serious diseases, and regeneration. The league of human cells, and this was the Frozen Hair Festival, one of the strangest festivals around the world.


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