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Sometimes, we have to face big problems which are so tiring. I think a long trip and music can be the perfect cure at these times. Also, if you are busy with different things which are interesting for you, you might forget your problems for a while. Therefore, I would like to solve your problems with my writing.

I’m interested in flowers and the importance of flowers in history and literature. Besides, flowers can tell us a lot of things about the place where they live. As a result, flowers catch my attention when I travel to a city.

When I searched the web for information about Venice, I learned that lavender has an important place in the history of Venice because when the plague, which is the black mark in history, broke out, everyone used masks which were made out of lavender. Also, people take over this plant in the garden of their houses because they believe that this flower protects them from this disease. If you go to Venice now, you can still see this flower everywhere. You can smell it while you walk in the streets of Venice.

We’ve mentioned the importance of lavender in Venice when we’ve travelled in the past. Now, our next destination is a time machine that carries us from the past to the present!

In addition to flowers, Venice’s streets and canals are like a dream because you can see nature and human-made things coming together in this city. Although the public of Venice has got bad things in the past, these will make a butterfly effect today. For example, Venice remained under the water, which is called “Aqua Alta”. However, today a lot of people want to see this place because this water’s caused a great view.

At the present time, there is a festival that is connected to the plague. This festival is called Venice Carnival. People wear their masks and special costumes. These masks symbolize their memories of pain about the plague, and now people celebrate the ending of this disease every year.

In this way, people who don’t know each other don’t face any class discrimination. I strongly believe that this is the best thing about this festival because people can’t be biased since they can just focus on each other’s eyes and utterances.

This is the end of our short trip; my goal was to keep you away from your problems for a while. I hope you enjoyed reading my text and feel better than you used to be. I also hope your current problems will result in better things in your future, like Venice, and that you’ll live a better life.


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