Graphology : Character Analysis Through Handwriting

Examining someone’s handwriting is a simple way to check them out.

Can you determine a person’s personality, attributes, or even hereditary variables that influence our behavior just by glancing at their writing?

Can you guess if the writer is social, antisocial, or emotional? What? How?!

Graphology can be considered as handwriting analysis. By analyzing the font, form, slants, zones and the layouts of the handwriting, graphologists can determine the writer’s character.

You can also be an amateur graphologist and do a personal profile. If you like to know how, keep reading…

First step:

Anatomy of handwriting

First, let’s have a look at the zones. Starting and ending strokes are the ones where the letters begin and end. For upper zone letters can be “b”,”l”,”t” and “k”, which have ascents. 

For middle zone letters, “m”,”n” or “r” can be examples as it can be seen in the figure. Lastly, for the lower zone example letters can be “f” and “y”.

The signatures of some famous people:

Now let’s interpret the style. 

The beginnings are represented by the initial strokes, such as how you start a relationship, how enthusiastic you are, and how you interact with people. Final strokes are more relaxed, which means they might provide information about a person’s perspective on life events such as how he or she ends relationships.

When we look at a handwriting or a signature, if the words are placed on the center, it can be said that the person is self-centered or narcissist. 

For superior areas, creative and imaginative people use these styles. We can analyze their creativity level.

It can be said that the people who writes inferior areas need attention. They may be shy or they need care. 

If a person writes very neat, that means the person is meticulous, emotionally stable and controls him or herself.

Second step:


If you have a speedy, angles, high pressure, large size, rightwards slants that means you are an active person.

If you have curved forms, garlands and pressures means you are adaptable.

If you write very strong and use heavy pressures, upstrokes and diagonal and exaggerated writing that means you are aggressive.

If you have a right tending movement in the middle zone, meaning you are altruistic.

If you exaggerate right tending t bars, you are an authority!

If your strokes are slow, that means you are very calm. 

You can have a look at YOUR handwriting and analyze your character!

All in all, as you can see, Graphology, also known as Handwriting Analysis, uses a variety of scientific methodologies to analyze a person’s handwriting in order to comprehend their thinking patterns, behavior, and get a glimpse into their subconscious mind. It is used to examine personality qualities that an individual may not be aware of.

As a unique and highly specialized profession, you may explore several prospects in child psychology, criminology, and forensic science, among others, by enrolling in the courses.

Adapted from hangwriring-graphology.com

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