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A Day in The Rahmi Koç Museum

Hello everyone,

Today, I will introduce the Rahmi Koç Museum in Ankara, Turkey with you. It is a big museum and it is near Ankara Castle. It is a technology museum which was opened in 2005.

It is my favorite museum because there are lots of things to do in it. The museum has got two main parts called Çengelhan and Safranhan. You can see a carpet gallery, agricultural machinery, pharmaceutical exhibitions, machines, everyday life tools, rail transportation vehicles, toys, communication instruments, etc. Also, it includes some sections about Atatürk and Vehbi Koç (Rahmi Koç’s father). There is also a café where you can try different types of delicious drinks and food.

Atatürk’s clothes can be found here too. Atatürk’s photographs, seals he used, and his belongings are on display. Also, special Atatürk issues of Time Magazine can be seen there.

It takes 4-5 hours to visit the whole museum because it is a large one. You can buy a booklet and read it if you want to have further information about the museum and its history while walking around. I went to this museum in 2015 first. I really liked old-fashioned cars, helicopters, planes, ships, and doll’s houses. Moreover, I made a coin for myself as a memory. Please do this if you go there.

Cars in the past

Old planes

 An example of a doll’s house


Some handicrafts

Do not worry about the entrance fee, visiting Rahmi Koç Museum is very cheap.

Ankara Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi 2020 Giriş Ücreti Ne Kadar?

When you finish your tour in the museum, you can buy souvenirs at the exit for your friends, family, relatives, and neighbours.

And here is more info about the museum:

Address: Hacettepe, Kale, Depo Street Number:1, 06230 Altındağ/Ankara/Turkey


Monday (Closed)

Other days 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Phone: (0312) 309 68 00


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