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Artemis : The Goddess of Pure Light

My name is Artemis but people also call me Diana in Rome. My parents are Zeus and Leto and Apollo is my twin brother. Ares is my best friend. I like living with animals and they are important for me, but I like hunting sometimes as well. I am a very good archer and my father taught me this ability. I have many symbols such as arrow, bow, deer, dog, and moon which represent me. I am the goddess of the moon and I like wild nature. Also, being a beautiful woman and having blonde hair are some of my other qualities. People say I have a serious face and I am staid. I was born in Delos, a day before my twin brother and I helped my mother give birth to my brother. I think it is a very difficult process and that’s why I decided to never get married and stay a virgin. I have an important power and thanks to this power I supervise water and heal sick people. My twin brother represents the Sun and I represent the Moon.

I would like to share my sad love story with you. I loved Orion and my love for him was greater than anything else. One day, while I was hunting, I saw Orion. He was gigantic and he had different abilities. For example, he could walk on the sea and he was a really good swimmer. I fell in love with him at first sight. I gave up my oath and I decided to marry him, but my brother didn’t like this idea. Because I had already made up my mind, I didn’t listen to my brother. However, my brother was a great liar. I am a good shot and Apollo knew that. Somehow he tricked me and I killed Orion unwillingly. This death made me very sad. I was not happy anymore. I carried his lifeless body to the sky in my arms. I wanted him to be the brightest star so that I could watch that star and never forget him.

After that day, I have never fallen in love with anyone again. I still look at the sky every night and remember my only love, Orion.

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