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I took this photo in 2016. Here is the story of picture: I went on holiday to Istanbul with my family and close friends. We set off from Ankara in the morning. I don’t remember what time it was when we arrived in Istanbul. After placing our belongings in the place where we stayed, we started to travel in Istanbul. On the first day, we toured the places to visit. Then we decided to go to the Maiden’s Tower only with my close friends. While we were walking, we bought tea from a man selling tea on the road and drank tea against the sea. I wanted to take this photo because tea and sea couple looked good to my eyes.

I took this photo in 2015. Here is the story of picture: I was little when I took this photo. We went to visit a relative living in Amasra. While my family was drinking at the restaurant, I was out for a walk. Luckily, it was sunset time and I took this photo because I like to take photos at such times. It was one of my favorite photos because the color of the clouds and color of the sea seemed to complement each other.

I took this photo on 14 March 2022. Here is the story of picture: That day was my birthday :). They had prepared a suprise for me. Along with the cake and gifts, they gave me the flower in the photo at the restaurant where we were sitting. After giving the flower, we took the poses in my hand. After a while we left the restaurant and went to the cinema. I came home with my flower in the evening of the day and immediately took the bouquet to my room and took this photo.

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