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Hello Dear Juventude.life readers! Here is the first seriesmeter from me. I will try to rank the TV series for you.


 Genre: Survival, thriller, horror, drama

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 9

Created by: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Written by: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Directed by: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Original network: Netflix

Squid game is a very popular series, being talked about everywhere these days. The plot is quite simple. The series has tiny details that most people do not even notice (I still don’t understand how they didn’t notice them.) The series has such a simple topic, I agree with the theory that most people agree with. The series is about people trying to survive and fight for it. It’s being watched because people enjoy watching the fight, and I think it is creepy. The series is the last in my list but it is a series worth talking about.


  Genre: Comedy-drama

  No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 10

  Created by: Sarah Lampert

 Original network: Netflix

     I had a preconception about this series before watching it. However, I liked it after watching it. You might think of it as a classical teenager series, but it is a little more than that. The story is about the efforts of a mother and her two children, in a very entertaining way. Of course, the topic (you can tell from the title of the series) is about the life of a mother and daughter but from both sides. So, it is a teenage drama, but it is nice to watch to spend your time. It is the kind of series you can finish the entire season in one sitting. If you cannot find anything to watch, this series is for you.


  Genre: Regency romance, period drama

  No. of seasons: 1

  No. of episodes: 8

Created by: Chris Van Dusen

Based on: Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

   Another period drama about love and the social lives of the era: Bridgerton. Everyone is talking about this series and the impossible loves that happened in it. When you watch the series (if you still haven’t immersed yourself into these love stories), you will start questioning your own ideas about love. Is love just a phenomenon formed by impossibilities and sexual experiences? Are these enough? Is it love to hide something from your partner and tell her lies about it? Do social boundaries and impossibilities bind us together more, in what we believe is love? Or you can stop thinking about them and start waiting for your own Simon.         


Genre: Historical drama

No. of seasons: 4

  No. of episodes: 40

 Created by: Peter Morgan

Original network: Netflix

  A series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The series does not leave out any details. The workmanship in period dramas always has to be good. And the workmanship in this series is excellent. The costumes, acting, and reflection of the era are very successful. You can feel the player’s emotions when you watch. You really feel as if you were living in that period. If you like historical dramas, you should definitely watch it.



  Genre: Documentary

    No. of seasons: 1

    No. of episodes: 4

    Directed by: Joe Berlinger

    Original network: Netflix

It consists of four episodes of a real-life murder: Hotel Cecil. It is the most gripping crime series of 2021. From the moment I started watching it, I couldn’t stop myself. Each episode strives to solve the case. You will be eager to watch the last episode immediately to find out who committed the murder while your mind will continue to generate new possibilities.

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