Five TV Series You Must Watch

House of Cards

Are politicians professional liars? Most people think they are. However, they have to lie to manage all the country, or they just want to have power and flatter their ego. In this series, Frank Underwood is a genius politician. He wants to be the president of the USA. The more he rises, the more he engages in intrigues, and in the end, he squanders his political life. You have to watch all the scenes carefully one by one since it has really deep meanings. Don’t forget! Only smart people can survive in the political arena.

American Gods

In history, people always believed in gods, and they were quite good servants. Nevertheless, some gods aren’t popular anymore since humanity has started to believe the new ones. Technology and media are the new conquerors of the world. They rule humanity in different ways. However, some old gods don’t accept these rules. Odin is getting prepared for a great war. He is collecting supporters. Whose side will be victorious? Who knows? Only gods can see the end of the war.

South Park

Do you like dark comedy? If you do so, you should watch South Park. It is the world’s top-quality TV series because it has a great sense of humor. It’s a bit aggressive, though. If you would like to have fun, you shouldn’t get offended. In the world, there are a lot of bad events, and they increase day by day. Nobody talks about that. People are afraid. Nevertheless, South Park isn’t afraid of anything. It criticizes all of them. I hope some people will realize their mistakes thanks to South Park.


Can community manage your all life? Is it normal? I don’t think so. People have to create their own destiny. They must be brave to survive. Do you think like me, or are you a slave in your underdeveloped community? If you say “yes” to these questions, you should watch Esty’s rebellion. You may find the courage to revolt against this bigoted system.

Black Mirror

Does technology always help facilitate everyday life? Sometimes technology affects our lives in a bad way since evil also uses technology to mislead people. It can hide itself perfectly. Humans move away from their original ideas, so they lose their personalities. They become slaves to technology. Is it a dystopia or reality? If you watch, you can develop your own ideas.

These are my suggested TV series for you. I am looking forward to hearing your comments about them. Best.

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