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Short Story : The Mysterious Painting

That day, Matthew decided to take only his own private things to the new house because he wanted to open a brand new page in his life after that day. A few hours later, when the realtor came to pick him up, he had already been prepared. As soon as they finished the paper work, Matthew went to settle in his new house but when he arrived, he was too tired to do so. While he was searching for a place to sleep, he saw that there was a staircase leading directly down to the basement from the room and he got down the stairs.

He thought the previous hosts used the basement as waste room since everywhere was awful. Just as he was going upstairs, he noticed a picture  on the wall. In the picture, there was a house in the green forest, the house like the one he currently lives in. But he was about to faint because of sleeplessness so he found a sofa and he fell asleep.

The following day, he woke up early even before the sun and he had breakfast. Then, he started to place his belongings in the rooms. After that, he went to take the painting in the basement but something was strange. Last night the house in the painting was in a green forest, but now there were only a few trees. He didn’t think about it because last night, he was sleepy when he saw it. He took the painting and hung it on the wall in the hall. Finally, he was able to sit in front of the TV.

A few minutes later, while he was watching TV, his phone rang. It was his fiancé Candice. She wanted to see his new house, so Matthew started to make a cake for her to welcome her for the first time in his home.

When she arrived, Matthew realized that they won’t be alone. Candice smiled and said “This is my sister, Katie”.  Matthew was pleased to welcome his first guesses at his new house.

Candice’s sister Katie held a notebook and pencil, this situation was weird for Matthew and he asked her why she was holding them. She answered happily, “You can be inspired by anything any time, right? So, I don’t want to miss the opportun…Wait!…” Suddenly, she started to draw something so, Candice and Matthew left Katie there and got inside.

A few hours later Katie came inside and showed the picture.

Mathew was surprised. Could it be a coincidence? It was the same as the one that he saw last night. He hesitated first, but then he told this to Katie and Candice. Candice was an expert about history of art, so she wanted to take it to the laboratory for inspection.

Two days later Candice called Matthew about the painting.

“Matthew, you won’t believe what I have found! Now, listen to me carefully and do not cut me off. Initially, the picture was painted in 1800’s by Jeff Buzowski. B-U-Z-O-W-S-K-I, yes just like your surname, dear. But, there is more! Jeff died a few days after drawing this picture.”

Matthew was about to tell something but Candice continued. “Listen, I found a note behind the painting and guess what? The note is for you!”

Matthew was shocked. He could only tell “What note? Can you read it?

Candice answered “Sure thing”:

“Dear Matthew,

I decided to send you to the orphanage because this painting, which I took over from my dad as the mistake of my life, will be the end of me.

Goodbye, son

Dad, Calvin Buzowski”

And Candice added:

“This picture has been lost since it disappeared in 1985”.

Matthew whispered slowly:

“I was born in 1985 and I grew up in the orphanage until I was 18”.

She said: “Sure, I know. Matthew, this painting was painted by poison, Polanium 210. It poisoned your father for years. I think finally he decided to send you to the orphanage when he realized he would die. I am so sorry.” She waited for a moment and continued, “And you know what? The house in the picture is the house you live in now, but the painting Katie drew is the house in 1800s. The strangest part of this situation is that we never noticed the fingerprint in the picture, but the fingerprint matches with Jeff’s.”

“The fact that you bought this house can’t be a coincidence, your family has never left you Matthew, they are still trying to connect you.”

“Matthew? Matthew? Are you there?

Matthew said nothing, he could not think of anything since he was trying to process all the information he got. What would he do now?


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