Understanding an Emperor : Mehmed II

All humans are the same when they are born. Some of them continue their life in an ordinary way. Some of them change the course of history by doing stunning and unusual works. Some people who changed the history are known with their specific personalities and abilities. My history changer is the ruler of Ottoman Empire, Mehmed the Conqueror (Mehmed II), because of some important reasons which I will write below.

First of all, Mehmed became successful in his works as he had high intelligence. He was always like a wise man even during his childhood. For example, he had to become a sultan at an early age when his father left the reign and he managed this period so skillfully. Moreover, he was obsessed with books like Iliad. He was always taking notes and drawing things. In short, he wanted to get information about everything even when he was a child.

Secondly, we can understand why he was a skilfull emperor when we review his reign. First of all, all his wars were point shot battles. For instance, he beat Byzantium by conquering Istanbul and Ottoman Empire had Black Sea by conquering Crimea. Moreover, he rebuilt Istanbul to make it the new capital city. Additionally, he had good relationship with Orthodox people to cope with Catholics. He also wanted to see foreign scientists and artists in Istanbul after the conquest. For example, he invited a painter from Italy for drawing his portraits. As you can see, he was a good strategist and modern leader.

Sultan Mehmed II’s entry into Constantinople, painting by Fausto Zonaro (1854–1929

Lastly, he was an intellectual person and a praised commander by prophet Muhammed according to Islamic texts. Furthermore, he could speak a lot of languages from east and west, such as Persian, Arabic, Greek, and Latin. In addition to all these, he was interested in literature. He was a poet. He was tolerant to people from other nations and religions during his reign in Ottoman Empire. He always wanted to be the emperor of everyone. Therefore, maybe this was the reason why he had lots of achievements.

The portrait of Mehmed by Italian artist Bellini

All in all, I think Mehmed the conqueror was more than a sultan and a ruler for all people around him. He affected the world and he became a history maker by opening a new period because of so many reasons that I stated above. Thanks to Sultan Mehmed, we have Istanbul, a leader and a history to be proud.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I hope to see you in my next post. Kind Regard.

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