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Joker: A Breath of Fresh Air in Hollywood Cinema

Joker is a movie which was released in 2019. We see Todd Phillips in the director’s chair and Joaquin Phoenix has the leading role of Joker. Joaquin Phoenix took the best actor award with this movie. In the movie, we see how Arthur Fleck becomes the famous comic book character, Joker, step-by-step. From the beginning until the end, Fleck is affected by class segregation, economic and social hardships and being excluded from the society just because he is different. At the end, he decides to become “really different.” Joker is not only different characterwise. The movie is also different in terms of its cinematography. Let’s have a closer look at the Joker’s cinematography to see why it is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood cinema.

Close Up Shots

These are the blurry scenes which show us actors’ and actress’ feelings. We can concentrate on feelings of the characters or one meaningful image in the movie because there is only one focus point. When a scene is shot in close-up, we understand that it is an important scene that we need to take a closer look.

Lighting and Coloring

In these scenes, we see the lighting effects and how the color choices are and how they change in different scenes. The lighting of the joker is so beautiful. That’s why the name of the Joker’s lighting technique is now globally used as “The Joker Lighting”. As you can see, in many scenes, opposite colors in color palette are used in a great harmony.


Joaquin Phoenix improvised in some of the most popular scenes of the movie. He acted completely out of plan in these scenes. For example, in the toilet where Joker goes after the subway murder, the scene should normally end when Joker enters the toilet, but Joaquin Phoenix improvised and started dancing in front of the mirror and this scene became very popular.

In another improvised scene, we see the Joker is emptying the refrigerator and getting in it, but this scene was not normally in the scenario, and Joaquin Phoenix improvised in this scene once again.

Three Different Types of Laughters

In this movie, the Joker has three different types of laughters. They are casual, painful and cheerful laughters.

Cheerful laughter

Painful laughter

Causal laughter

Foreshadowing Scenes

Some scenes in the movie give us clues about the things that are going to happen in the upcoming scenes of the movie. For example :

In one scene, Arthur ask to the officer  how a person gets in there.

And we see Arthur there at the end of the movie .

At the beginning of the movie, we see Arthur pointing a gun.

We see Arthur pointing a gun and shoot Murray at the end of the movie.

It is all from me for now. I hope you have enjoyed your time while reading my post about “Joker”. See you in my next post.

Some pictures were taken from this video:

Most pictures were taken from the movie “Joker” directly.

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