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Four Tips to get Published easily on!

Dear Juventude!

I would like to thank you all for your interest in our beloved website. Just in around 9 months time after its birthday (remember 20.05.2020-Triple 20:D), we have received over 8,000 page views and 2,000 unique visitors from 32 countries without any advertisement and with only 27 posts on This has encouraged us a lot. We added more people to our editorial team and we try harder to publish posts on regularly. It is like we are in a fairy tale! and it is like we are in love with that fairy tale 😀 This has made me remember a song I like. Hope you like it, too.

Meanwhile, we have received a lot of questions from our authors and potential authors about on what we base our decision to publish a post or not on I would like to briefly introduce the four main criteria we have in mind while selecting the posts to be published on

Pre-Decision Stage:

First, each and every suggested post passes through a quick screening by our editors at this stage. They pay attention to the visual quality by checking the selection of photos, and evaluating if the language of the post is adequate and the information in the post makes the reader feel satisfied of learning something new.

Decision Stage :

At this stage, there are four main criteria that we, editors, pay attention to while selecting the posts to be published on A post which passes the pre-check stage should be either Unique, or Authentic, or interesting or on a popular topic to be published on Let me briefly elaborate on these one by one.

As you all may agree, we pay attention to things which are different than others. As a part of publication policy, we pay utmost attention to unique posts because is already unique in its category. What do we mean by uniqueness? For example, if the author puts forward a new idea, or introduces a new/unique point of view on a topic, or adds a different point of view to an issue, it has a higher probability to be published on! For example, we would be delighted to publish the recipe of a totally new dish invented by an author if supported by its photos,

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Authenticity can be attributed to national or local qualities. We pay attention to the authenticity of the posts we publish on For example, a post which introduces interesting traditions of a rural area or country would highly attract our attention. Moreover, the recipe of a local dish, for example, a local Iranian Soup from Tahran (or a local Turkish soup like “bacaklı soup”) would be nice to publish on We pay attention to introduction of these valuable local / cultural assets any country has to our juventude and to the world as citizens of the world.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

We pay attention to publishing interesting content on our This is one of the most important criteria and the main pillar of our publication policy. Therefore, creating a post which looks, reads and feels interesting will definitely make your post more publishable on For example, we would even like to see posts regarding some unsolved problems of Physics, quantum entanglement, double-slit experiment etc.

Photo by Sam Lion on

If a post is based on a recent or an always popular topic, we become more willing to publish it on For example, the recipe of how to make a cheesecake would never lose its popularity and everyone wants to try their own cheesecake sooner or later one day. Similarly, posts about UFO sightings, or contact with extra-terrestrial life would also be highly publishable. Therefore, it would be nice to see posts on similar popular topics on

Photo by Zachary DeBottis on

All in all, if you have one of these main criteria covered in your posts, you are closer to be published on If you add more of these to your post, then you may even guarantee that your post will be published on

This is all from me for now from the editorial office dear Juventude! I hope you have enjoyed this post and this has answered the questions in your mind regarding the publishability of your submissions on

I love you all! remember! You are Juventude! you are Strong!

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