Three Movies to Watch for Good Friends!

We all have different lives. While we continue our lives, we have good moments and also bad ones. However, during our life, we cannot be alone. We need to share our memories, our lives with other people. These people can be our families or girlfriends/boyfriends, but especially our friends make the most of our lives!

For me, my friends are very important, and I share a big part of my life with them. They are always with me and support me about everything. I can behave however I want around my close friends as they know me very well, and they never criticize me for my behaviors. We can do anything together, even some naughtiness!

Your friends, especially best friends can sometimes be your sibling, someone you rely on or someone that back you up, a shoulder to cry and many things that I can’t even count. As you see, having a great friend is a wonderful thing to keep your life much better.

So, let’s get to our main point now. For 6 weeks, I have watched movies which are from different countries all over the world in my school club called ‘International Movies Club’. All of them have got different themes such as love, war, family and friendship for sure. I want to share the ones in which friendship is the main theme.

1. Okja (2017)

Okja (2017)

The first movie is a Korean movie named ‘Okja’. It was made by Netflix and it has got quite positive reviews from many people who have watched it. It is set in today’s world, and the main characters are two friends: Okja and Mija. Mija lost her parents many years ago and she lives with her grandfather far from the city centre in South Korea. Her only friend in life is Okja which is a very big pig. Nearly 10 years ago, Okja was given to Mija’s grandfather by the American food company. Since then, a unique relationship between them has nourished, and they have become each other’s only friend. During the movie, we can see their lovely friendship in all scenes, especially in the end. On the other side, in the film, it is mentioned that the food industry has very horrible sides, but the owners of food companies hide those facts from the people by telling lies. So, if you want to see that beautiful friendship between the little girl, Mija, and a big pig pet, Okja, you must certainly watch this movie! And you will also be ready to face food industry’s disgusting sides.

2. The Intouchables (2011)

The Intouchables (2011)

Our next movie is from France: ‘The Intouchables’. It is about two French men from different backgrounds, Philippe and Driss. Philippe is a disabled man, and he cannot move any muscles in his body, so he has to live sitting on a wheelchair. He had not loved his life much until he met Driss. We can see many oppositions on these two men: poor and rich, young and middle-aged, black and white, healthy and disabled… Despite all those differences, the men are getting very close friends and they affect each other positively. With this movie, we can realize that if you want to be a friend with anyone, it is unimportant to have a different economic situation or to be a different person from your friend. Respect and loyalty are enough. I really recommend this movie to have a good time, and also to explore these men’s amusing friendship, but I cannot guarantee that you will not cry at the end of the movie.

3. A Taxi Driver (2017)

A Taxi Driver (2017)

And the last movie is again a Korea made: ‘A Taxi Driver’. It is based on a true story. One of the main characters, Man-Seob, is played by Song Kang-Ho and he also plays in ‘Parasite’ which won the Best Picture Oscar in 2019. Man-Seob is a taxi driver in Seoul in 80s. One day, while Man-Seob is driving his customer Peter, a German reporter, to another city, they find themselves in riots that take place all over the city. In this way, a different friendship starts between these two men. They are from different countries, they speak different languages, but despite that, they become very good friends. There are many exciting and touchy scenes around their friendship in this film. If you like drama movies and you are searching for movies about friendship to see, it is worth watching! You can trust me, after watching it, you definitely won’t regret!

All in all, this is all from me for now. I hope you like these movies. They all have a terrific story about friendship and you must watch all of them as soon as possible!

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