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Want a kitchen as nice as ninepence? Here are some handy tips…

If you have very little time to spend on your kitchen but you still worry about its cleaning, the suggestions listed under this post may come in handy.

We’re all chefs of our kitchens. We like trying different recipes, coming up with new tastes, or making small surprises for our families. But do we really care about the hygiene of our kitchen as much as we care about what is cooked in it?

If you have very little time to spend on your kitchen but you still worry about its cleaning, the suggestions listed under this post may come in handy.

1- Start with the basics. Be organized!

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The space where you cook should be organised enough so that you won’t waste more time. Here are some clues for you:

  1. Keep the most used items in easy reach to your cooker and put the least used ones far away,
  2. Store the same group food together so you can find them easier while your are cooking,
  3. Keep plates/cups/cutlery as close to dishwasher as possible; in this way, you can easily place them after washing.

2- Fed up with scattering spices all around your kitchen? Use a makeshift funnel.

You can make use of an envelope to come up with a makeshift funnel for dried food, by snipping off one corner with scissors and and open it into a cone shape. It is a great help to pour your dried food or spices, or itsy bitsy stuff like sugar, salt or flour. It is super practical and neat.

3. Want to eat potato chips but want no oil spills? Use a microwave.

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You can use your microwave to make instant potato chips. It works interestingly, and it takes just minutes making it enjoying your potato chips. Cut and shape your potatoes as thin as possible. Add some spices you like, a pinch of salt and some olive oil on it. Then, mix them all and put it into microwave just for two minutes. Ready to eat!

4. Want to get into the detail? Use a toothbrush.

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Have you ever thought that a toothbrush is not just for brushing your teeth but it is also a super practical cleaning material for your little kitchen utensils. You can try it especially for garlic press, cheese grater, sieve and oven. It works really well for not easily coming out dirt like grease spot.

5. Want to clean your microwave with no rub, no pain, no tears? Use a lemon.

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It may sound hard to believe, but when you try this method you are not going to need any other chemical cleaning stuff to keep your microwave clean. The method is quite an easy one though. You will only need a lemon, a microwave-resistant bowl and some water.

6. Want to reduce the bacteria in your sponge? Microwave it.

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Besides changing your sponge in regular intervals, you can try microwaving your bigger sponges for 90 seconds with full power. Journal of Environmental Health also claims that microwaving sponges decreases the bacteria on them by 99%.

7. Having scratched plates, but don’t know how to fix them?

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Your plates might be scratched due to every day use or the use of dishwashers. Some may think that those scratches cannot be fixed any more, but there is a way to fix those unaesthetic look on your plates: baking soda. Try to come up with a paste by utilizing some baking soda and water. Then, apply it on the scratched areas. You will not be able to believe in the outcome.

8. Bored of smelly trash bins? Try baking soda.

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Baking soda is a natural sanitizer and deodorant. In case you have a bad smell coming out of your trash bin, you can try sprinkling some baking soda at the bottom of your bin after you empty and clean it. You can apply the same method to avoid the smell that come from the toilette of your cats.

9. Have stains on your glasses? Apply vinegar.

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If you usually wash your glasses in a dishwasher, you will observe that there will be water or detergent stains on your glasses and they will lose their brightness after a while. At that point, vinegar might be the best aid of yours in kitchen. If you wipe your glasses with vinegar in regular intervals, you can also have glasses shining like a diamond!…

10. Lose so much time rubbing those burnt pots after cooking?

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First of all, you don’t have to rub your pots for hours and hours any more. All you need to do is to believe in the power of chemistry. First thing that you could apply is to add some water in the pot and boil it until the oil is solved within the water with the effect of the heat. If you have a thick burnt layer, you can also get help from baking soda and some vinegar that work as a natural oil solvent.

11. Do not use a potato only for frying or baking. Try it on a cast-iron skillet as well.


Especially when grilling meat or meat balls, cast-iron skillets are quite useful to come up with juicy and tasty meals. However, nothing comes without a price. At the end, we come across thick, hard-to-clean oil layers on the surface of them. These skillets are unfortunately not suitable for rubbing with a steel wool, either. But you can try cleaning them with a half of a potato. It may sound awkward and require some elbow grease, but it is worth giving it a shot.

12. Want a mirror-like sink? Polish it with flour.

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If you have a steel sink and you want it to shine like a diamond, some flour will do the trick for you. First of all, clean your sink and dry it. After that, sprinkle 1/4 cup of flour on the surface. Start scrubbing the flour by using a soft piece of cloth or a sponge and scrub it in circular motions. You will not regret the result.

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