Quiz: Which Witcher Character Are You?

You will be matched with a character in the array according to your answers on this form. I tried not to give spoilers as much as I could for those who didn’t watch the show. Please add the points written next to the options you have chosen. Select only one option. You can find out which character you match with the number range at the end of the test. If you are a girl, start the collection from 100. It doesn’t matter how many points you get on this test.

  1. Are you a female or a male?
female (100 points)
Male (0 points)

2. Which of these sports interests you?

Chess-Boxing (1 point)

This interesting sport combines brain power and wrist strength and consists of 11 rounds. as 6 rounds of chess.

Squash (2 points)

Squash- It’s a sport similar to tennis. Differently, you need a wall.

Unicycle (3 points)

Unicycle- In this activity, you can perform any activity you want such as playing hockey, yoga, and racing on a unicycle.

Bossaball (4 points)

Bossaball- All you need is a trampoline, a beach, a net, a ball and a pair of comfortable shorts.

 3. With whom would you like to have dinner with?

Yennefer (1 point)
Triss (2 points)
Ciri (3 points)
Keira Metz (4 points)

4. With whom would you like to have dinner with?

Mousesack (1 point)
Gerald of Rivia (2 points)
Jaskier (3 points)
Isredd (4 points)

5. You have come across such a creature below. He asks you if you have a raspberry cake. What would you do?

Turn him back down reasonably (1 point)

Attack him with your your might (2 points)

Run away from there (3 points)

Igni! (What am I doing?) (4 points)

Now, it’s time to find out who you are! Go to the next page to find out your Witcher character and do not forget to comment below!

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