Quiz: How Well Do You Know “Doctor Who?”

Are you a fan of ‘’Doctor Who?” Do you think you can answer these questions correctly? Answer the questions and take notes for your every answer. In the end, according to your answers, we will see whether you are a good fan or not. Let’s begin.

1. Which of these foods is 11th doctor’s favorite?

A. Apple

B. Fish Fingers and Custard

C. Ice-cream

D. Yoghurt

2. What is the name of the creature in the photo?

A. Dalek

B. Zygons

C. Cyberman

D. Odd

3.When did this series start?

A. 1959

B. 1961

C. 1967

D. 1963

4. Which of these words is used by 9th doctor?

A. Fantastic!

B. Please!

C. Allons-y!

D. Geronimo!

5. What does TARDIS stand for?

A. Time Allows Realistic Dimensions in Space

B. Time and Relative Directions in Space

C. Time and Realistic Dimensions in Space

D. Time And Relative Dimensions in Space

6. At Amy and Rory’s wedding, what is Amy’s answer to Rory’s question “What is it?”

A. Raggedy Man!

B. My imaginary friend!

C. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!

D. It’s Doctor, I remember him!

7. Whose sonic screwdriver is this?

A. The 11th doctor

B. The 10th doctor

C. The 9th doctor

D. The 8th doctor

8. In the ‘’The Big Bang’’ episode, how long does Rory wait for Amy?

A. 2500 years

B. 2000 years

C. 1900 years

D. 1500 years

9. In the episode ‘’Doomsday’’, where is Rose trapped?

A. In the future

B. Mars

C. A parallel universe

D. Spaceship

10. What will happen if Donna remembers everything?

A. Doctor will die

B. The world will explode

C. Daleks will die

D. Donna will die

11. In the episode ‘’Vincent and the Doctor’’, to whom does Van Gogh dedicate his painting “Vase With Twelve Sunflowers”?

A. Doctor

B. Amy

C. Rory

D. His girlfriend

12. Finish the lyrics of ‘’The Long Song’’

Rest now, My warrior
Rest now, your hardship is over
Live ………

A. Wake up, wake up

B. And let the cloak of life cling to your bones

C. Cling to your bones

D. Rest now, My warrior

13.What’s Doctor’s rule number one?

A. “Never tell anyone your actual plan.”

B. “The Doctor lies.”

C. “Time is not the boss of you.”

D. ‘’Never run when you scared.’’

14.What should you do when you see a ‘’Weeping Angel’’?

A. Run

B. Turn around

C. Hide

D. Don’t blink

15.What do people say when they first get in TARDIS?

A. It’s bigger inside than outside!

B. Fantastic!

C. Take me to the future.

D. What is this?

16. Which doctor’s scarf are they wearing?

A. 3rd

B. 6th

C. 8th

D. 4th

17. What name does the doctor use on secret missions?

A. John Smith

B. David Smith

C. Ben Smith

D. Carl Smith

18. What is River Song’s real name in the show?

A. Jessica

B. Tardis

C. Martha

D. Melody

19. In the episode ‘’The God Complex’’ there is a room for everyone, what is hiding in these rooms?

A. A beast

B. Your greatest fear

C. Black hole

D. The eaters of light

20.What happens when the doctor regenerates?

A. All his memory gets erased

B. His gender changes

C. He gets younger

D. He becomes a new person

Now take note of your answers and go to next page for the analysis 😀

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