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Quiz : Are you a ‘real’ traveller?

Nowadays, the number of people who claim they are ‘travellers’ have increased. That is why, I want to challenge y’all! Would you like to take my quiz and prove that you deserve that label? Then, all you have to do is as follows:

  • have a look at the photos, which were taken by me
  • read the hints if you need further help
  • choose the correct city
  • ‘finish quiz’ when you are done
  • check what your score tells about you

Good luck everyone, you will need it.

Well well well, what does your score tell?

Novice traveller

Hmm, seems like you are taking up a new hobby. Maybe you should start with the cities nearby before going across continents, huh?

Newbie traveller

You have probably been to a couple of cities in Europe, right? Well, maybe it is time to go further than that, What about Erasmus?

Apprentice traveller

Hit the road Jack! Apparently, you have already passed ‘traveling 101’. How about having a degree on it?

Experienced traveller

No one can deny your experience in traveling. Obviously, you have thirst for adventure. Never lose your ambition and keep up the adrenaline!

Exclusive traveller

Suffering from the ‘itchy feet syndrome’? No doubt that you have your favorite something almost everywhere in the world.

Master traveller

Teach me master! Seriously, Is there a single place where you have not yet been to? Maybe you should consider ‘intergalactic traveling’ already!

Please don’t forget to share your results with me. I’m really curious.


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