Quiz : Are you a “vampire”, a “zombie” or a “werewolf”?

Which side are you on for the battle between vampires and werewolves? And, why do you think zombies are left out from this battle? Isn’t it unfair to portray them as “unattractive freaks”?

Let’s find out who you really are in the fantasy world!

Q1: How many close friends do you have?

a. I can’t even count

b. People call me the Lone Ranger

c. I have some friends, but not that close

Q2: What would you like to do at the weekend?

a. To hang out with my friends to grab some food

b. To have some quality time at my place

c. To go trekking in a forest

Q3: If you wanted to describe yourself with three adjectives, what would they be?

a. Awkward, clumsy and extroverted

b. Charismatic, narcissistic and romantic

c. Adaptable, strong and cold-blooded

Q4: What do you spend most of your money on?

a. I can barely feed myself, so on my basic needs

b. I have a very luxurious taste, so on top-notch stuff

c. I prefer to keep most of my money to myself

Q5: When do you study for the exams?

a. I pull an all-nighter on the last day

b. I never leave today’s work to tomorrow

c. I am a morning person

Q6: How is your performance in the class?

a. I always participate to the lessons

b. I am not a teacher’s pet, but get aced all the time

c. It depends on my mood

Q7: How would you prefer your meat at a restaurant?

a. Well done

b. Blue

c. Medium

Q8: What is your dream house?

a. Caravan

b. Mansion

c. Farm House

Q9: What is the perfect holiday for you?

a. I am a backpacker who travels the world

b. I prefer to stay at 5-star hotels and see around

c. I would like to go camping

Q10: What future plans do you have?

a. I want to change the world

b. I want to be an entrepreneur and start my own business

c. I will probably work in a company

Now, it is time to learn the results! Click on the second page, please.


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