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Discover England and Nature: The Hidden South West

The South West of England is a never-ending gem with its beautiful nature and history. I hope you enjoy a small journey through the wilderness and culture of Devon and the South West with these 5 towns!

Having studied English Language and Literature at university, my biggest dream was to have the chance to see England at its purest and most authentic state. My knowledge did not go beyond London and its hallmarks before doing a three months internship in Devon, South West England. What life had in store for me was to discover a heaven on earth! The beautiful green and blue scenery is so magnificent in all of these towns that you can capture enchanting moments even with your phone as I have tried to do! This outspoken region is filled with the natural, the historical and also with the cultural. Here are five towns which I have cherished in my heart forever. For those of you who have been to these magnificent places, I am sure you feel this in your veins too! If you have the item “visit England one day” on your bucket-list, I hope you enjoy a small journey through the wilderness and culture of Devon and the South West!

Torquay, Devon

1. A picturesque landscape to mesmerize your soul in Brixham!

Brixham is a small fishing town which is situated near Torbay, Devon. One can see beautiful colorful houses of many styles while gazing at the cute and authentic boats of all types. The replica of Sir Francis Drake’s famous and commemorated ship entitled as The Golden Hind and the statue of the Protestant William of Orange, attract a lot of touristic attention. What took my attention the most was how there were so many ice-cream shops (yay!) in Brixham. There were also quite a lot of charity shops such as Oxfam, where you can find endless books about all kinds of topics for a really reasonable price! One can definitely feel serene&tranquil while breathing this view in.

“I pass my time in the open air on the beach when it is really heavy weather or when the boats go out fishing.”

Claude Monet

2. Torquay: The Heart of English Riviera

Torquay, the birthplace of Agatha Christie, can be considered as the best destination in England’s Southwest. The clean beach, the colorful harbor and the beautiful white villas, make the coastal resemble to Cannes in France! It is impossible to walk without gazing in amazement in Torquay! (P.S. share your fish and chips with the playful seagulls!) The town hall and the Princess Theater which are placed face to face made me feel as if I was the main character of a Hollywood movie. What is more is that, if you are a born-adventurer, there are endless activities which you can take part in. These range from scuba-diving to extreme-hiking!

3. A taste of history and culture in Plymouth

With its characteristic houses and important landmarks, this unique city offers its visitors the chance to live modernity, history and nature all at the same time!

Queen Elizabeth I

Considering the fact that Plymouth has witnessed three of the most important events in history, the labeling of this town as “wise and strong” would not be wrong at all! To begin with, English Puritans have sailed to America from Plymouth on a ship named Mayflower in 1620, and it is possible to detect the reflections of the event in the names of cafes and souvenir shops. Furthermore, the over-popularity of the city stems from its harboring Napoleon’s ship in 1815, after his defeat at Waterloo. Finally, even though the town has been severely bombed during the Second World War, it has been skillfully restored.

4. An inspirational National Park: Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a must-visit attraction and a breath-taking national park located in the middle of the region. This natural upland area is home to the largest granite in the UK. The natural habitat offers stunning views ranging from steep hills, shining and fresh rivers to earth-colored trees and flowers. You can easily spot a Dartmoor pony and some cute cattle by the road. The park is also home to multiple prehistoric settlements. The awe-inspiring view has also captivated authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J. K. Rowling and Tolkien. You can definitely understand why when you gaze out into the horizon on a granite while you playfully struggle with the wind!

“So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”

Virginia Woolf – To the Lighthouse

5. A small and peaceful village: Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot is a quiet but entertaining market town. Most of Devon’s population live and work here. You can easily spot undercover wild parks in the middle of the town center. The town gained popularity in the Victorian are with the formation of South Devon Railways locomotive works, there is a small museum in which you can find interesting information about England’s railway system! If you are a lucky traveler, you will have the chance to attend all sorts of local competitions, events and activities that are regularly organised by the town council.

Here comes the end of our mini-tour through the outspoken and breath-taking towns located in the South West of England, where you get to experience traditional English culture while finding yourself refreshed in the mystery wilderness. I hope you enjoyed it!

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