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Nature generously pays off for every effort

I would like to begin with sharing an impressive story that barely reveals us how generously the nature reacts towards our every little effort.

At the end of 90s, an environmentalist couple, Daniel Janzen and Winnie Hallwachs, contacted an orange factory and convinced them to use their orange peels for an important issue. They were going to use those peels to improve the destroyed forests in Costa Rica. Factory officials helped them contribute to the nature and poured tons of orange peels into the land indicated by the environmentalist couple. In this way, those two environmentalists managed to stop this destruction and made history. 50 years later, that destroyed field turned out to be a forest full of orange trees.

This short story teaches an important lesson for all of us as humans: ”One can make a huge difference and the nature never forgets the good that you have done.” Therefore, we are going to discuss the benefits of planting and in this post.

It helps our Earth.

Planting or helping nature to get greener has a lot of advantages such as cleaning air, providing oxygen, combating climate change, saving water, preventing pollution or erosion etc… It is an undeniable fact that nature helps our earth remarkably . How about its benefits on our health and psychology?

Trees heal us.

Apart from global or natural profits, according to the studies, patients who have the view of greenery recover faster and children that have ADHD disease show fewer symptoms if they access to nature. Being in touch with nature not only helps us to feel emotionally better, but also contributes our physical well-being since fresh air in the nature regulates people’s blood pressure and heart rate, tends to the production of anti-stress hormones, which aids to reduce anxiety and improve our mood on a large scale. These are all directly affecting patients’ recovery process in positive way. What’s more; Community health researchers claim that accessing to nature can even reduce mortality rates. As you can see, nature has numerous benefits on our health.

Psychological benefits

Exposure to trees and nature or touching soil assists our concentration as it is reducing mental fatigue. Furthermore; dealing with land and planting teaches people to have responsibilities since they see that they will receive a recompense for their work.

Being in nature or watching landscape reduces anger, fear and stress. It can also enhance positive feelings and self-esteem. A research at the University of Illinois reveals that residents in Chicago with green spaces and trees in are more familiar with their neighbors, and have a stronger sense of solidarity with people whom they are surrounded. Additionally, it is estimated that the risk of street crime is low in this district.

It is a genetic fact that our body is designed to live in harmony with nature. Maybe, it is the reason why living with nature helps us avoid stress and provide us with a better stronger community to cope with pain or sadness.


  1. I really love trees and if I had a chance for another life I would want to be a tree in a forest. You don’t need humans. You live and cherish your environment for your own sake. I would be more than happy I think.

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