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The reasons that make us think animals are intelligent!

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We need to understand if animals can think, reason, and solve a problem, and we need to understand how they achieve this. By doing this, we can compare this to human intelligence and can come up with different findings. We can use this in education, computer science, artificial intelligence, and mass production.

Are some animals smarter than humans? As we research animal intelligence, we can understand how humans have developed intelligence, and probably in the future we will be able to find ways to be smarter, and use our intelligence to make life better.

What makes us human and what makes them animal? Also, we understand the important difference between animals and humans.

1. Tools and Language

Tool-making and ability for speech make us human. Wrong! Many animals including chimpanzees and crows can make tools and use them.

Can animals solve arithmetic problems? Can they learn or can they deceive other animals? Do they remember a warm place and go back there the other day? We discuss these questions and try to answer them. For example, chimpanzees can remember a series of numbers shown to them in a very short time. Mice can regret their decisions, crows can make tools, octopuses can recognise faces, monkeys learn from their mistakes and teach this to one another.

2. Brain Size

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Interestingly intelligence is directly related to the size of the brain. The bigger the brain is, the more intelligent the animal gets. Whales, dolphins, elephants and humans have the biggest brains, and are among the most intelligent animals.

3. Hands and Eating Meat

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If we didn’t have hands, we wouldn’t have developed writing, and we wouldn’t have books. Without hands, we wouldn’t be able to use tools. If we lived in oceans like whales, we wouldn’t be able to start a fire, and we wouldn’t be able to speak. Without fire, we wouldn’t be eating meat, and wouldn’t have such big and developed brains. Without this process, we wouldn’t be the smartest creature on Earth.

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