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5 Most beautiful beaches in Turkey

Turkey is a really beautiful country with its beautiful beaches. I like the ones which are far from the centre and so have remained somehow untouched. In this post, I would like to share the ones which have impressed me a lot with their golden sands and crystal clear waters. I should admit it was really difficult to choose among the ones that I have been to so far. But here is my top 5!

1. Datça Kara İncir

Datca is one of the places in Turkey which has remained untouched. The sea in the centre is cold and stony, but the Black Fig beach, which is 16 km away from the centre, is covered with golden sand and the water is warm. It also does not deepen immediately. So, it is a good place for weak swimmers like me and small children. There are not many facilities on the beach, so you might prefer enjoying the sea for a while and drive for another place.  

2. Dalyan İztuzu

My second favorite beach is Dalyan Iztuzu Beach. This beach is between the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea and the sweet water of Köyceğiz Lake. It is a great pleasure to swim where two water mixes. In addition, this place is under special protection because it is one of the nesting sites of the loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta), so special rules to protect it are enforced. If you are lucky, between May and October, you can watch the first journey of these little turtles to the sea.

3. Burdur Salda

Salda Gölü nasıl gidilir? Salda Gölü nerededir, özellikleri ...

Salda Lake is a tectonic crater lake which is an hour away from Burdur. It is like another world. Salda is famous for its soft and sugar-white sand. So, it is called the Maldives of Turkey. You feel like walking on powder. The lake has all shades of blue. If you have a turquoise passion like me, you must see this place.

4. Çeşme Ilıca

Çeşme Ilıca is a beach with beautiful, fine white sand, crystal-clear turquoise sea and shallow for many metres enabling one to see many small fish. Clear turquoise water and fine sand can easily rival the Maldives. The sea water is warm, and it is believed to have healing powers on the skin because there are thermal springs in the seabed which mix with the sea water adding minerals to it.

5. Datça-Palamutbükü

Although fine sandy beaches are my favorite, Datça-Palamutbükü is one of my favorite places. It is a long and pebbly beach. So, the sea is crystal clear, and you can see the fish easily. If you feel yourself secure only if your feet can touch the ground, then you should not leave the shore because it deepens very quickly.

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