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Top 3 places to visit in Izmir, Turkey

Aegean has one of the most magnificent coastlines all around the world with its lovely, paradise-like, pristine, and popular holiday destinations. With its more than 5000 years of history, people come here for different reasons such as seeing remains of ancient civilizations, meeting distinct cultures, having an unforgettable vacation, or being alone in its attractive nature.


One of the most popular holiday destinations, Izmir, is famous for its long-lasting history with its ancient remains such as Greek civilization. If you want to feel those times, you should stay at the center of Izmir. You can find lots of different accommodation choices from hostels to luxurious hotels. With its unique food culture, this part of the country presents you with one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. You can shop all around the city for traditional souvenirs.

1. Urla

This town is a mixture of green and blue. If you want to relax with listening to the songs of birds among green trees, you can visit the inner side of the town. You can also find wonderful fields where you can ride a horse and at the same time try special handmade wines from local people. If you want to run away from the heat of the sun, you can enjoy the lovely and calm beaches far away from stress and the crowd.

2. Alaçatı

I think we can call it Tokyo in summer as it gets too crowded even to walk in its narrow streets. Despite the crowd, people cannot give up its delicious local dishes, enjoyable nightlife and wonderful beaches like the Maldives. It has spectacular coastlines offering sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports.

3. Çeşme

With its pretty natural surroundings, in this small holiday destination, you can find the area’s best fish restaurants bordering the lively marina. This town is a mixture of luxury and comfort. The only thing that can be counted as negative is its prices. Çeşme has been one of the most expensive holiday destinations with its boutique hotel concept and world-famous restaurants. But, it’s worth being there. 

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