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Happy birthday!

Life begins with imagination! Imagine! and create! You are Juventude! You’re life!

Alper Şahin, Ph.D., Editor in chief,!

Hello folks! Spring is here! So is! I am glad to inform you that! is alive as of 20.05.2020- Triple 20 😀 Let’s call as 3×20! as well:D Below, I have background music for you. I highly recommend you to play the music video below while reading this. Ok now play it, lean back and continue reading!

Probably you wonder how the idea of “” has emerged! Let me begin with the meaning of Juventude! “Juventude” is a word in Portuguese. It means “youth”. We are young! –Remember! Our age is just a number. I don’t mean the official age that is written on our IDs. I mean the spiritual age: the age we feel :D–, our authors are young! and also our target audience is young! Starting from this point, we have searched for a name that will reflect us, our authors and our audience. It also needed to be a name that was “different”, “unique”, “classy” and also “catchy”. After long negotiations and after going over a long list of suggested names, we could not find the name we had been looking for because some were different but not unique, some were classy but not catchy. And the main problem was the domain name that should be available for purchase. All these made me think what we were looking for could be in the Portuguese language. This idea made me contact Ide Aslan, a talented half-Portuguese, half-Turkish young lady -who is working with us-and yes she is one of our authors as well! 😀 She suggested around 20 different names and two of them attracted my attention instantly. It was just like love at first sight 😀 Juventude was one of them as you can guess and here it is! It is alive!

What is! for?

As the Department of Basic English (DBE) at Atilim University, we have designed a completely unique Distance Teaching Program (DTP) during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of our DTP, the instructors of DBE established 86 different clubs, yes believe in your eyes, as many as 86 clubs based on their interests, hobbies and specialty areas. These clubs were opened to our students (Juventude!-around 850 golden-hearted ladies and gentlemen!). In eight-week time, during our DTP, our juventude! were asked to create an output as part of their club studies. Here is what is for! It is the website where we share the best outputs with our Juventude!

Who are the authors of!?

The authors of! are the students and instructors at the DBE of Atilim University, School of Foreign Languages. However, being a student or an instructor at DBE does not guarantee the authorship at! because we pay utmost attention to quality and we need to ensure that only quality content is shared via!

Can I be an author @!?

Unfortunately, you can’t at the moment!! is exclusively for the talented students and instructors of DBE of Atilim University. How about being a student at Atilim University? 😀 However, you can give it a try if you think you must be an author @ 😀 Who knows, maybe, we can give authorships to some distinguished external authors one day. Life is full of surprises!

I would like to thank you, our readers, for your supportting us in advance. Please feel free to comment on our posts, like them and share them on social media! Don’t forget We’re Juventude! We are life! Enjoy!

Alper Şahin, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief,!
Chairperson, Department of Basic English
Atılım University! – “We are Juventude! We are life!”

Alper Şahin


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