Things you probably don’t know about Steve Jobs

We all know him from the world famous technology company, Apple. However, Steve Jobs has many other things that you don’t know. Let’s look at some interesting facts about him!

His biological father was Syrian and her mother was American. So, we can say that he was half Arab.

After he founded Apple, he got fired from his own company because Apple was having trouble those days. Then in 1974, he went to India and started to be interested in Buddhism. In the end, he adopted the principles of Zen Buddhism.

He was a fruitarian and pescatarian  which means eating fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains and fish only.

He was a college drop out which means he was never graduated. His GPA was 2.65.

He was only interested in calligraphy courses before he left college. He said this step was an essential one on his way to Apple.

He created the very famous ‘Breakout’ game for Atari.

He was having problems with his personal hygiene. He hardly ever had showers. He was walking bare foot in the company. Because of that, he was forced to work at night while everyone was away.

He worked on Apple’s first computer, which was sold for $666.66.

He had a personal ‘opening’ team which focused on opening new computer boxes. He expected them to be opened with pleasure and excitement.

He never learned how to code, he was deeply interested in design and emotional experience of his products.

He hated extra labels and other materials on products. That’s why he changed his car in every six months in order not to use plates on them.

In 1986, he bought a graphic company and named it as ‘Pixar’, creating the popular movie, ‘Toy Story”.

“Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow”

His last words before he dies

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