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1984 vs. Brave New World

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Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well. My name is Nisa Heja Ekmen. Today we will talk about three possible problems in the future. In search of these problems, I have been helped by the novels 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. You should read these books as soon as possible if you haven’t read them.

I think the first problem is that no one talks about topics related to the past, such as culture and philosophy. Even now, people don’t have any idea about their culture or past. Also, they think that it’s boring to talk about philosophy because according to some people, these topics are too serious and too insignificant. More and more people will think like this in the future. The only solution is to explain their culture to children and teach people the beauty of philosophy.

Now social media is watching us like the character Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 and in the future, robots will watch us. Even now, people are sharing where they are, what they like or dislike, and what they’re doing now on social media. They sell this information to other companies to push you for consumption, or they sell it to politicians, so they can win the election. I think people want to show themselves, but 1984 was a little different, Big Brother is watching people to keep them in control. I don’t know how this will change in the future, but the solution is respecting people’s private areas.

Nowadays, when people are sad, they are not allowed to be sad. Books are written and speeches are made not to be sad and always to be happy, and this makes people say that I should always be happy. In Brave New World, people take medicine when they feel sad. This medicine makes them happy. I think that is the reason for the increase in the use of such medicines today because being sad is considered to be abnormal. I believe that empathizing with people and understanding them will solve this problem.

Thank you for listening to The World podcast and reading the transcript of it. I hope you like it!


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