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BTS is a K-pop group. K-pop means they sing songs and dance at the same time. They are the most popular singer all over the world.

BTS ne demek, üyeleri kim? (K-Pop grubu BTS hakkında merak edilen 10 şey) |  NTV

They made their debut in 2013 in Big-hit(new name hybe). The members are RM, JK, V, J-hope, Suga, Jin, and Jimin. They have got 22 albums. Their fandom’s name is Army. They value their fans. They don’t care about their nationality, skin colour, or sexual orientation.

They say to their fans “I purple you” which means ‘I’ll love you, and I’ll trust you forever. Also, they always tell their fans to love themselves. They try to teach you how you can love yourself.

I think people love BTS because of that. BTS love everyone regardless of who they are. Sometimes people can get hard times. They try to make them stronger with their song. In their songs, they tell love ourselves and be confident.  Also, their songs are so significant.

My favourite one is Spring Day. It is for children who died in Sewol. So, they try to tell different things in their songs. Those are things that make their songs special.


At the beginning of their carrier, their company wasn’t popular at all. In K-pop, if your company is popular, you can become famous easily. They have to make songs, and they have to take a quality MV for those songs. That’s why money is important for K-pop groups. Their company wasn’t as rich as other companies, but they never gave up their dreams.

They even made free promo abroad. They gave free concert tickets to people on the streets.   Thereby, they tried to introduce themselves all over the world. BTS and Armys had lots of success in Korea and other countries. They are still getting success. Now the richest company in K-pop is their company. Also, it is the most popular company. Their groups can become famous easily.

BTS Grubu Nasıl Oluştu?

Thanks to BTS, K-pop became popular all over the world. Also, they made Korea popular and rich.

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