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Persepolis, the Heart of Iran

Hello, dear audience. I am Mozhdeh Salimi from Iran.  Today I want to describe one of the most important historical places in Iran, called Persepolis.  It is located near my city which is Shiraz and I had been to Persepolis several times.  Hence, I can describe it to you in detail.

       Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of Iran for 200 years, and it was built during the reign of Darius the Great, one of the most important kings of Iran.  It is a man-made structure and the materials that were used for building Persepolis were limestone, mud-brick, and cedar wood.  It is said that, when Alexander the Macedonian invaded Iran, he destroyed Persepolis with fire.  Therefore, everything which was made of cedar wood was destroyed by fire, and today you can only see other parts of Persepolis that were built with stone. 

       Persepolis Entrance Stairs:

     When you want to go to Persepolis, you need to go up the entrance stairs.  They are a pair of symmetrical stairs, each of which has 111 wooden steps; also, the distance between them is 10 cm.

Gate of All Nations:

     After the entrance stairs, you will go through the Gate of All Nations.  In the past, representatives of different Iranian tribes, who wanted to meet the king, would enter the waiting room from the entrance of the Gate of All Nations.

Palace of a Hundred Pillars:

     Palace of a Hundred Pillars is the second-largest palace in Persepolis which includes 100 pillars and the height of each of them is about 14 meters.  You can see the picture of the Palace of a Hundred Pillars below.

To sum up, Persepolis is one of the most beautiful historical areas that you can visit to during your travel to Iran and is a sign of the greatness of Iranians in the past.

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