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Are We Alone in the Universe?

Have you ever wondered whether we are alone in the universe? Saying yes to this question can be considered to be a selfish thought since there are more than 40 billion earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy only. Considering that number, there have to be many more organisms alive in our universe. If we all agree that aliens are real, we shall think about them, and the civilizations created by them. So, what do alien civilizations look like? To answer this question more easily, we have to classify aliens into 4 different categories according to their levels of development.


These types of aliens are primitive creatures like bacteria and viruses, and they do not have real civilizations indeed. It is not easy for them to get to the higher stages due to their primitiveness.



Stage 1 creatures may evolve to stage 2 creatures, but this is a very long period that might take billions of years. The aliens of this stage are still not as intelligent as human beings just like Beebo, but they have a civilization anyway. They probably do not have a big one; however, it is better than nothing.


Now let us talk about stage 3 creatures. This is where the fun begins because there are advanced living things just like us at this stage! These stages of aliens are milestones for civilizations since they start to understand how to use energy. Although they are not said to be advanced ones, they know how to extract energy from their environment and make it usable for themselves.



Speaking of the stage 4 aliens, it would not be an incorrect approach if we said that they are so advanced that we do not know much about them, or that we are only some kind of virus for them. These aliens are so advanced that they probably know all the ways to use energy and understand physics. Someday humanity might succeed in getting into this stage, but of course, this will take billions and billions of years.

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