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Criticism of Injustice and Greed

I saw the movie The Platform on social media. I did not have the opportunity to watch it, but I finally watched it last January. The cover photo of the movie caught my attention before watching it. Actually, I thought it was boring. The film was first released in 2019 and was directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, a great director. We should not forget the most important lead character of the movie, Ivan Massague. No matter how biased I approached this film, it really surprised me.

The Platform is actually like a prison. The only difference is that people either come here of their own free will or when they commit a crime. It is like a vertical prison and has 2 people in each room. There is a huge void in the middle of each room. There are 333 levels of the platform and a table full of food goes from top to bottom. However, this dish can reach level 50. Food does not come down any further, and people either throw themselves out or starve to death. The worst thing is that they can kill and eat each other. People wake up at different levels each month and their roommates change, too. Hence, they might not get used to each other, or they might love each other very much. In this prison, we meet a character named Goreng who opened his eyes in the movie. Goreng sees the prison as a place where he can read Don Quixote and rest his mind for six months. However, his highly experienced cellmate learns from him that things are very strange in the prison and he has been given a sentence for accidentally killing an immigrant. As the movie progresses, Goreng loses his initial stance.

While watching the movie, it seemed like God and capitalism were compared or criticized. The management is aware of everything. Just like God said, “Look, I have created everything perfectly and sent it. But you are breaking this perfection, even if it is enough for you all, you do not share it.” The movie is more about people not knowing how to be content with what they have.

First of all, I think we need to take care of ourselves before we get around. We are not much different from the people on the Platform these days when stocking and fear of not being enough are at their highest level. “Being greedy and not being satisfied” creates a strong bond between us and the film these days while everything we have is sufficient and there is a continuous production.

When I started watching the film, I thought I would turn it off in the middle of the movie anyway. On the contrary, the movie impressed me very much. Even though some of the scenes seem disgusting at first, the movie tells a lot. The movie taught me that we should care not only for ourselves but also for other people. There is a saying that everything is beautiful when shared, and it is necessary to listen to this word. Hence, if you want to see the facts, I strongly recommend it to watch this movie.

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