Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie'nin Çikolata Fabrikası - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ...

Hello, dear animated movie lovers! I want to write about the movie “Charlie and Chocolate Factory” directed by Tim Burton. I will tell you about the things I liked and disliked in this movie (If you have not watched the movie yet and do not want to get spoilers please stop here and watch the movie first 🙂. I would be very happy if you shared your ideas with me by commenting.

I have watched this movie many times so far and as someone who loves chocolate, I watch it with the same enthusiasm and joy every time. Although some people consider it as a movie for kids since it gives some messages to children, I think that every age group can watch this movie. It is a nice movie with colorful scenes and songs from the Oompa Loompas.

I think Charlie can be a good example for many children watching. For example, while other children have lost the grand prize for being impatient and over-curious, Charlie listened calmly and patiently to what Willy Wonka was telling, and he became the winner. Even after winning the factory, When Willy Wonka asked him to leave his family and came with him, he preferred his family although he wanted the factory very much. This was exemplary behavior.

Of course, there are characters in the movie that I will criticize, too. I heard that in the interview after a child won a ticket in the movie, he actually said “I don’t like chocolate”. Frankly, this situation upsets me. While there are many children who love chocolate and want to go to the factory, I never found it right for someone who doesn’t like chocolate to go.

Another character I will criticize is Willy Wonka. When it comes to the chocolate factory, many beauties come to mind. I also think that the owner should be a good, lovable person who loves children. But while Willy Wonka looked like a very good person at first glance, when I watched carefully, I saw that he was not at all. He was someone who was very frightening in clothing and he was never worried when bad things happened to children. I can also say that he does not like children very much. As a child, he left his family because he was not allowed to eat chocolate. This can be a bad example for children who follow what Wonka does. He was also someone who asked Charlie to leave his home and family and come to the factory.

In short, Charlie and Chocolate Factory was a nice and enjoyable movie with its ups and downs. I recommend families to watch it with their children. But as with any movie, families should be careful about the messages their children get from such movies.


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