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Quarantine Photography Tips

Stay creative during lockdown

Here are some tips for you to take away…

  • Try micro photography: During this lockdown, we learn to enjoy little things. Therefore, you can try shooting small things up close. A flower, walls, or your phone can be used as subjects.
  • Shoot portraits: You can set up your own studio at home using a variety of backgrounds and convince family members to sit. You can even shoot your pet’s portrait. You can do great things at home.
  • Build your own portfolio: You can pick a subject and photograph it. It can be a glass of milk, your vacuum cleaner, or maybe your dog’s bed! Choose a color and shoot. Save them. When this ends, you will have a box of memories.
  • Take advantage of free photography courses: You can take advantage of staying at home and enroll in an online course. Enjoy your time.
  • Take part in a contest: You can find a photography contest and send your best photo!
  • Visit websites: You can visit websites to see how professional photographers shoot people and places during coronavirus lockdown. 

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