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Interesting facts about animals that will change your whole perspective

1. Hierarchy Among Dogs

Dogs are social like us and they have their own community called pack. Each pack has its own Alpha dog and she/he is the leader. Beta comes second and Omega is the lowest rank in the pack. The interesting thing is that if you have a life with a dog,“(in a dog’s mind) you are either above her or below her but never equal to her” because in a pack there has to be a harmony in terms of dominance. Therefore, everybody should know their places for a harmonious relationship in the pack!

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2. Meet Mantis Shrimp the Fastest Puncher

They have beautiful vibrant colours and they may look cute. However, they can smash their preys or enemies into pieces by punching them with the force of a .22 caliber bullet. That’s why, these little Mike Tysons are called smashers. They can crack open a clam shell easily and what is more, the shockwave created by the speed of its punch stuns the fish swimming by.

3. Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is the largest animal living on Earth. It is 30 meters long, weighing an average 190.000 kg. The weight of their tongues is as much as an adult elephant and their hearts as much as a car. Interestingly, they are the biggest but they feed on the smallest marine animals such as tiny shrimplikes called krill. According to BBC, “the blue whale can scoop up 100,000kg (15,747 stone) of krill-filled water in one mouthful in less than 10 seconds”. By the way, Blue Whales have no teeth at all, so they just GULP!

4. Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica and they can survive when the temperature drop to -60ᵒC! They have the nicest way to survive by huddling. To avoid freezing to death, they huddle together as tightly as possible and they constantly rotate giving opportunity to all members of the group to be in the warmer inner circle.

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