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Interstellar: a movie with all genres

Interstellar (2014) is an epic sci-fi movie from the USA directed by Christopher Nolan. It is very suitable for people who do not know what kind of movie to watch because it is all-inclusive when it comes to genres. It includes all kinds of action, drama, love, and thriller. The movie tells us about a group of astronauts who are going through a wormhole to search for a new place where people can live.

A Familiar Cast

The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy, and Michael Caine.


In the near future, people start to farm corn due to the fact that grain crops begin to die. Cooper, a former NASA pilot, has a field with his family. One day, Cooper’s ten-year-old daughter, Murphy, finds coordinates due to the gravitational waves in her room. Then, Cooper and his daughter find this place and meet Professor Brand there. The professor has the plan to investigate which planet is livable. He wants to send Cooper to space for this plan but Murphy does not want to leave his father. Cooper goes to space and here the real adventure begins…


My Review

It is the most interesting movie I have ever seen in my life. I think the end of the movie is totally unpredictable. My favorite scene is the one in which Cooper receives a video from his daughter Murphy, who is 35 now, which is the same age when he left the Earth. The film is a bit long (2h 49min!) and it can be a little hard to understand, but if you are into science fiction, you are bound to like this film as much as I do. Enjoy watching the movie!

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