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ZooNews – An Animal Magazine (Koalas & Armadillos)

Hello ZooNews readers! In this issue, we will focus on some really interesting animals. Let’s start!

1)Koalas are SO cute!

Take a look at this fluffy animal! If you hug a koala, we guess you’ll never be satisfied with one hug. But, hey, be careful! Koalas have sharp teeth and claws. You wouldn’t like to pet them when they’re unhappy.

They eat when they are not sleeping. It means ALL DAY! Isn’t it weird! Don’t be surprised, though, as they sleep 18 hours a day. When awake, male koalas make a mating call (LOVE song) to attract female koalas.

An interesting fact is that koalas have two thumbs on one hand! This goes for their feet, too. In this way, they can hang on to trees. They can also climb trees this way.

This sweet animal is almost extinct and the biggest reason for this is the destruction of forests. We hope authorities protect these animals and save them!

2) Feared Genius: Jaguars!

Although jaguars are dangerous, we think they are awe-inspiring!

Jaguars live in Arizona. They are night hunters and have very good night vision. They also have a stronger biting force than any cat in the world. Although they look cool, unfortunately, many terrible cases of Jaguar attacks have been reported in Latin America.

Armadillos are like a tiny tank with their armor-like hard shells. They look just like ninja turtles. Hello, Michelangelo! So, what’s under their cute physical appearance? An animal that always has an escape plan, of course! According to genetic studies, armadillos and the animal breeds in their group are 105 million years old.

Although they are timid and non-aggressive animals, they can make you very, very sick. That’s why you shouldn’t touch them or take them as pets. Armadillos carry an ancient disease in their blood: leprosy. Leprosy is a slowly progressing, contagious disease. Leprosy affects the limbs. Fortunately, there is now a cure for this disease.

Some weird people enjoy shooting at armadillos, but fortunately their hard shell protects them from such kind of attacks. Another interesting fact is that pink fairy armadillos, a type of armadillo that can increase or decrease their body temperature.

Animals are amazing creatures! Our world is home to many cute, wild and strange animals. That’s why, we should love animals and protect them. That’s all from us. Stay well and keep animals safe as well!

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