How to Become an F1 Driver

F1 Driver

Formula 1 is a seriously competitive sport. You must have a lot of skills and dedication. The strategy of how to become a Formula 1 driver is actually pretty difficult and a lot of work is required. Although F1 drivers are just driving, they are the fittest and healthiest people in the world of sports. In addition, F1 pilots must have very high intelligence, they have to react to events at high speed, simply in the blink of an eye. There are some areas that F1 drivers should be really careful about.


Eating and drinking the right thing is essential for their performance. What is interesting is that drivers’ diets are determined and prepared by their personal trainers. Formula 1 is an endurance sport and choosing the right foods is a basic requirement for being an F1 driver.

Good Reflexes

F1 drivers need to react quickly to what is happening around them while at high speed in the race. This requires having a concentration level in the race at its maximum.

Sport and Endurance

In F1, the G-force affects the pilot’s body in serious proportions, so your body must be strong. That’s why F1 pilots have a very hard training program.

Karting Skills

Karts are just like F1 cars. Races have many of the same challenges. You have to start by karting like every F1 driver. You can improve yourself in karting and get a driving license. If you are good enough, you can go up step by step and be an F1 driver.


This is one of the main factors to be successful. In F1, it works differently inside and outside the car. You should be able to speak at the same level of knowledge and understand what engineers say in the garage. This helps engineers understand and serve you quickly and accurately. Again, outside the car, you should be able to communicate well with the sponsors because this is necessary for the financial structure of the sport.

All in all, being an F1 driver not only requires being a good driver but also requires eating well, having good reflexes, doing sports, karting skills, and professionalism.

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