Nikola Tesla: The man who changed the world!

Nikola Tesla, who is well-known for his invention of the modern alternating current (AC), was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. People all over the world have been paying a lot of attention to his numerous discoveries such as alternating current, radio control and violet ray, which have actually changed the world considerably. The reason why many people have been taking his inventions seriously is that the inventions of him definitely play a crucial role in plenty of people’s lives. However, it’s hard to imagine what would happen in a world without his inventions. In this informative text, I will write about what exactly would have happened if it had not been for his discoveries in the world.

Well-developed constructions and modern skyscrapers with the contribution of Nikola Tesla.

To begin with, most of the people would not be able to stay in luxury buildings. Instead, they would probably accommodate in basic constructions. To illustrate, it would not be possible to design projects with direct current (DC) for plenty of civil engineers and architects. The main reason for this is that putting thick wires carrying electrical energy into buildings will be really dangerous in case of an explosion. As you see, if Nikola Tesla’s important invention of the modern alternating current (AC) had not been in the world, many people would have stayed in simple buildings instead of luxury skyscrapers.

Technological cars developing day by day inspired by the alternating current (AC) of Nikola Tesla.

Furthermore, modern cars could not be developed. For example, most of the older cars were unable to utilize direct current (DC) because direct current never worked properly with the engines of these cars. This is precisely because these older machines must always have alternating current (AC), which can both increase the amount of electrical energy and reduce the amount of electrical energy. Therefore, we can understand the importance of the alternating current by looking at today’s cars. In brief, many people would not have been able to own luxury cars if Nikola Tesla had never contributed to modern alternating current (AC).

Today’s New York City with the invention of the modern alternating current (AC).

Last but not least, if electrical energy were transported by thick wires, many people in cities would probably be harmed. This is absolutely because carrying the electrical energy with thick wires, which is actually done by direct current (DC) includes too much electrical energy which might harm many people in case of some weather conditions such as snow or rain. For example, For example, a major disaster occurred in New York City in 1882, as cold air caused thick wires made of excessive electrical energy to expand. In short, if Nikola Tesla had not invented alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) would have harmed many people due to certain weather conditions.

To put in a nutshell, people all over the world have been taking notice of Nikola Tesla’s inventions because these discoveries definitely have a positive impact on people’s lives. Without his inventions, people would have had simple apartments instead of luxury homes, have rudimentary cars that can work with a single machine, and suffer from direct current (DC) damage in severe weather conditions.

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