Animation characters that everyone loves

If I would say there exists some animation characters that everyone loves, would you agree with me? Yes? Well, in my opinion, all those different characters share some common characteristic features. Firstly, they are full of love and they don’t think about bad things, therefore they are often positive. For example, they don’t mind if nobody loves them since they love living anyways. Everybody loves positive people around them, right? Secondly, they are usually alone and that is why they want to make friends with everyone. I think, this is one of the most important reasons why we can’t help loving them! Finally, they are hopeful and merciful.  Aren’t all these enough to love a character? Surely, they are. Then, let’s examine some characters.

1. Sid (Ice Age)

  It is a sloth so it loves sleeping. In the movie “Ice Age”, other animals – even his own family – don’t like Sid. However, Sid does not mind. He loves everyone unrequitedly anyways. It is really friendly and it tries to communicate with other animals. Well, it always gets into trouble, but this situation is thought to be funny by the audience since they like its clumsiness. Wanna be challenged? Try to find a scene where Sid does not talk. Yes, it sounds tiresome for the animals around him but the audience think it is sympathetic. It makes people laugh. Though it isn’t liked by other animals, it deserves to be loved.


2. Olaf (Frozen)

Olaf was created by Elsa – the main character of the movie “Frozen”. It is a snowman. It likes hugging and It always smiles. Just like Sid, it talks forever, too. It is funny because it is a bit innocent. Olaf is helpful but clumsy. It likes summer, but it doesn’t know the fact that it will melt when it is under the Sun. It is full of love. It doesn’t think about bad things. It always thinks positive. I think it is right to claim that Olaf carries a warm heart, although it was made of snow.


3. Agnes (Despicable Me)

Agnes – from the movie “Despicable Me” is a cute little girl. She has two sisters, but she doesn’t have parents. In other words, she is an orphan. Does this make her sad or negative? No way. She is full of love. She loves dreaming and has a vivid imagination. She is so happy when someone gives her little things. She knows how to enjoy everything and it makes her really positive. Okay, admit it, it is impossible to resist her cuteness.


4. Donkey (Shrek)

Who does not know about the “Donkey”? Anybody left who has not watched the movie “Shrek” yet? Oh, come on! About whom was I talking? Hmm, Donkey. Okay. Donkey is “a bit” chattering. It LOVES talking. Similar to the characters above, it is alone, but it is friendly. It is honest and it likes living. It likes making friends. It is clumsy but innocent. Distinctively though, it loves singing songs.

5. Mushu (Mulan)

Okay, I could accept it if you would tell me you have never heard of the movie “Mulan” since it is quite old. Our character Mushu is a dragon, but not a simple one! It is a confident dragon. Nobody trusts it, but it believes itself. And this all he needs. It always talks. Surprised? Guess, not. People are sometimes bored when it talks, but it doesn’t care about that. It is so funny because of its clumsy. When it comes to his particular feature, I would say although it doesn’t want to look like helpful and friendly, it is.

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